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Nighttime placemaking has become an important aspect of shaping our cities, as people enjoy their public spaces around the clock. Parks and other green spaces are part of this. Notable parks that Christoph has designed in collaboration with his colleagues at Arup include Hunter’s Point South in Queens, Brooklyn Bridge Esplanade in Manhattan, Mulberry Commons in Newark, St. Pete Pier Approach in Florida, Aitken Place Park in Toronto, and currently BBP Brooklyn Bridge Plaza in Brooklyn.

Image © David Lloyd - SWA
Hunter’s Point South, Queens, NY

At Hunter’s Point South, Arup provided the lighting design for both the public street and park lighting surrounding six square city blocks and including half-mile of riverside park near the East River’s edge in Queens. It includes a dramatic overlook and waters edge park areas, with lighting to highlight the prominent overlook cantilever at night, as well as a subtle linear accent along the curved edges and ambient luminance for safe wayfinding on walkways and steps.

Image © Christoph Gisel
St Pete Pier Approach, FL

The pier approach consists of a public park leading to the new Pier and includes access roads and parking. Pedestrian elements with contrasting associations of light and shadow, create a unique expression after dark and defining the use of space. These include market structures, catenary lighting through palm groves and accentuation of landscape features.

Mulberry Commons, Newark, NJ

For Newark’s new downtown Park, Mulberry Commons, the lightning of the park’s paths and event plaza is creating an inviting nighttime environment, by using softly illuminating luminous columns throughout the park, and high mast-mounted spotlights along the open event plaza. By illuminating the public areas above standard light levels, nighttime activities are encouraged, while the vertical illumination helps people to feel safe and connected.

Image © CC BY 4.0
Zaryadye Park, Moscow, Russia

Zaryadye Park is a new park in the center of Moscow, located on the former site of Hotel Rossiya. In collaboration with the architects, landscape architects and a local lighting partner, the implemented lighting design of the park, consists of several architectural and landscape lighting features.

Image © Hanns Joosten
MGM Park, Las Vegas, NV

The vision for MGM’s The Park was to create a new kind of experience for Las Vegas. Contrasting The Strip’s bright and bold lighting, Arup was tasked to create a novel visual destination that will draw visitors from the hustle and bustle to experience Las Vegas outdoors at one’s leisure. The lighting approach included strategies to illuminate 16 unique, monumental, structures each with singular compound curved surfaces.

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Social impact and community involvement are an important component of Christoph’s work process. Nighttime safety and navigation are prioritized, and placemaking and people activation are part of the lighting design process.

Image © Arup
B-LIT in Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY

Christoph has fostered strong working relationships with city and state agencies through infrastructure advisory and curatorial services, lighting activation and public space safety at affordable housing developments, and design for the future of pedestrian lighting in urban environments..

Image © EarthCam
Gov. Mario Cuomo Bridge, NY

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Christoph’s focus in his work is the creation of inviting and inspiring environments; he is a nighttime designer who appreciates public spaces as the meeting point for everyone.

Lighting for urban infrastructures such as parks, roads, and bridges and on a global transit scale; airports are one of his professional passions.

Christoph heads up Arup’s Texas Lighting Design Team, previously collaborating with several architecture and design offices in Berlin, Stockholm and New York.

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